Best Billiards Movies

Billiards and cue sports are widely popular throughout the world. These sports play a major role in many countries' sports and games heritage. Many halls and rooms house pool and billiards tables for hustlers. Pool players regularly visit these places to enjoy a friendly game of pool. Billiards and pool games have also been seen in many movies where protagonists indulge themselves in a game of pool. Many movies have also been made where these games play a central role in the plot. Some of the best movies featuring billiards and pool sports are discussed below.

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The Hustler

The Hustler was released in 1961 and even after five decades it still stands as one of the most iconic movies featuring the cue sport. Movie reviewer Roger Ebert once commented that "Fast" Eddie Felson is among a handful of cinematic characters that the viewers can refer to them as the touchstones. Paul Newman starred in this movie as the classic charismatic antihero "Fast" Eddie Felson. Although a genius with the cue, his arrogance was his main weakness. In the movie, Newman tours throughout the country as a hustler, even challenging the reigning champion of the time Minnesota Fats, played by Jackie Gleason. The movie explores the conflicting energies of love and desperation, good and evil in unusual ways.

The Color of Money

In this 1986 movie directed by acclaimed director Martin Scorsese, Paul Newman reprises his role as "Fast" Eddie Felson. The role garnered him an Academy Award in the Best Actor category. At the ending of the 1961 movie, Eddie faced a lifetime ban from professional gameplay. Eddie however returned as a front man supporting young hustlers. In this movie, young Vincent Lauria is an arrogant and skilled protégé is forced by his greedy girlfriend Carmen to accept Felson's patronage and guidance. Under Felson's teaching, Vincent not only refines his pool skills but also learns the dirty trickery of hustling. With Lauria's success, Felson turns jealous and hits the bottle. Finally after severing all ties with Lauria, Eddie decides to return to the game having his own self-respect at stakes.

Baltimore Bullet

This 1980 movie stars James Coburn as the legendary pool player Baltimore Bullet. James plays Nick Casey who takes in Billie Joe Robbins under his wing. The movie also stars Omar Sharif and Ronee Blakely. Several well-known professional players such as Willie Mosconi, Jimmy Mataya, Lou Butera, Mike Sigel and Steve Mizerak made cameo appearances in the movie.